Another 5* review

Thank you so much to CeeBee for this stunning review of The Devil on Her Shoulder, posted on

By ceebee on 6 May 2017

This is a delightful and beautifully written romance by a very accomplished author. What makes Sarah’s story linger in the mind is the emotional engagement with the character and her rollercoaster of emotions that is so believably conveyed to the reader. I very much look forward to Mags’ next book!


Road to Nowhere

Where am I?


The windscreen wipers tore back and forth but their efforts were futile against the deluge. The storm was monstrous. What started as spots of rain dotting the windscreen had developed into a full-blown meteorological onslaught. Rain hammered down and a savage wind battered the hedgerows, bending branches low over the road.

Thorny foliage caught in the wipers, scraped arcs across the windscreen, scratching the glass. Ignoring it, Seren leaned forward and peered anxiously into the darkness. Continue reading “Road to Nowhere”

Stolen Moments

Precious moments, stolen time


“Now?” she asked, raising the wine glasses clutched in her hand. “Or later?”


“Sure? They’re real glass.” She shook her hand so the glasses chinked together. “I was expecting plastic. I thought all hotel room glasses were plastic.”

“Evidently not. You’ve picked a classy hotel.”

“Have I?” She gazed around the room. “It’s not bad, is it?” Continue reading “Stolen Moments”